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Many people suffer with large and massive rotator cuff tears, causing them pain or disability.  Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, albeit achievable with advanced techniques, is plagued by the possibility of recurrent tear when the tear size and tissue quality makes successful healing of the repaired rotator cuff less likely.  Many efforts are underway to improve success rates and lower failure rates.  Board Certified Orthopedic Sports Medicine surgeons, Drs. Marc Labbe and Taylor Brown of the Bone and Joint Clinic of Houston offer Arthroscopic Allograft Patch Augmentation as well as Platelet Rich Plasma Gels for patients with large or massive rotator cuff tears who are undergoing surgery in an attempt to minimize the chance of a recurrent rotator cuff tear and give their patients the best possible chance for recovery of function and pain relief.

Arthroscopic Allograft Patch Augmentation Video